Cool site title!

Hi, I'm [Name]

A simple responsive layout with a web feel and some variable color customization options. I made this for someone originally, but decided to release it as a template and as an excuse to use one of my favorite color palettes and some Mucha art.

The navigation uses icon from the icon archive, by Mozco.

I recommend using the WAVE tool to check contrast.

Second Heading.

Third Heading

Make sure to use h3 and above (h4,h5,etc) in the section text. This is because screenreaders will jump from the website title, to the section headers, to the headers inside of them. Making them out of order will make it difficult to parse. This is a link.

Fourth heading.

  • This is
  • an unordered list
Fifth heading.
  1. This is
  2. an ordered list

Woah. More.

Beverage beverage beverage doloret.