Hi, I'm...

humanoid cass sona chibi

Hi! I'm Cass. I am a lesbian wizard who likes tabletops and worldbuilding. My favorite food is churrasco with gallo pinto and I eat a concerning amount of meat. I like the color lime green a normal amount.

I'm biracial puertorican(🇵🇷!!)-afronicaraguan. Most of the time you can find me scrolling through wikipedia or rolling dice somewhere.

find me on... tumblr, toyhouse, and artfight.

My favorite...

  • Animals: Currently a sargassum nudibranch I found recently
  • Music: R&B, especially with soul/funk influences. I've been meaning to dip my toes into more music, so feel free to send your favorites!
  • Genres: Urban fantasy, science fantasy, science fiction
  • Foods: Anything meaty on god's green earth