Commissions are currently Open.

Slots: 2/2

Will Do:
  • Ocs
  • Humanoids
  • Furry
  • Mechs
  • Group pieces
  • Complex poses and perspective
  • Ferals
Won't Do:
  • Gore
  • NSFW/Suggestive


Here are some priced examples of what I can do. Want something that isn't here? Shoot me a DM and ask how much it'd cost, alongside an example of what you want.

mehki drawn in chibi stylevihaan drawn in chibi style


Small stylized chibis with a single background color. Outline optional. Great for pagedolls!

Price: $12

Approx. Turnaround: ~1 day to ~1 week

josie in black and white rosaria drawn over a teal background with yellow highlights


Sketches in black and white, or background with an accent color. Messy lines and no full color.


  • Headshot: $10
  • Bust: $15
  • Fullbody: $35

Approx. Turnaround: ~1 day to ~1 week

kezo in limited style somsak in duotone style


Two colors in a gradient map with comic elements, and either marker or halftone shading. Distress effects and multicolor halftones are optional. Halfbody only.

Price: $35

Approx. Turnaround: ~2 weeks

kat rendered halfbody


Fully rendered and colored.


  • Headshot: $25
  • Bust: $45
  • Fullbody: $75

Approx. Turnaround: ~2 weeks to ~3 weeks

Specialty Examples

a vintage telegram titled Corrican works with the text my peanus hurt in the fill area

Graphic Design

Price: varies

I create graphics for your needs! For this service, the fonts you choose must be Commercially Licensed for me to make a profit. I'll be glad to help you find lookalikes for commercial fonts. I do best with retro/vintage recreations.

Character Design

Price: $75+

I design/redesign a character for you! This process is special and requires you to bring me several types of visual inspiration. This also requires more communication than my usual comms, and the turnaround can vary wildly. The character will be drawn in my fully colored/rendered style.


To order a commission, give me the following:

Read my Terms of Service before ordering.


You can contact me on any platform you find me, including tumblr, toyhouse, or discord. If you'd like to email me, email