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Within the lively, tropical continent of Sanea, the almost mythical concept of magic has returned after thousands of years. Frankly put, it isn't what it's thought to be. Volatile and unpredictable, its presence sticks out like sore thumb among the bustling skyscrapers that were never built to handle it.

In the massive metropolitan city of Ticah, some "magicians" have sought to wield this unruly power themselves. Rakish youths born with the physical marks of magic travel to the Otherworld, a parallel realm of possibility and emotion that all magic originates from. Though exposure to this magic city is often wonderous and beyond their wildest imagination, the now unsealed danger it holds still enroaches into a place many call home.

The story follows a girl allegedly named Lambda, who stumbled into the Otherworld, irrevocably changing her life- and maybe cursing it- forever.


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