a small mspaint drawing of the owner's sona, a basilisk lizard in a large hoodie, smiling

🥝"i'm the nutient rich soil in iowa" -posts from the web 🥝

Hi! this is the website of Jani (or Cass.) I'm someone who likes writing, worldbuilding, drawing, and playing tabletops. I am known to overuse distress brushes and background dividers.

Check out the tasty squid ring for more worldbuilding and ocs, which i'm a part of!

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  • 9/20/23 : A new site has been made along with Rads for our new project Cthonichronica! Read about it on the projects page and see my attempt at making a fake forum.
  • 9/10/23 : New code snippets page!
  • 9/7/23 : Starting to roll out web embeds! The Yemaja site has gotten too many updates to count. Check the frontpage to see what changed.
  • 7/24/23 : Added ARIA roles to site elements. Also added text to some links.
  • 7/22/23 : Check out this experiment with Leaflet, a JS interactive map. I might make a subsite corral for experiments like this in the future.
  • 6/25/23 : Small updates to the sitemap and minor accessibility tweaks.
  • 6/5/23 : Lime STILL sweeps. Also created a new subsite called Bitcrush, where you can get a small insight into my brain.
  • 6/2/23 : The phaseout of the old yemajasite starts. Also wondering about changing the colors here a little.
  • 6/1/23 : I promise it's still a little lime green...?
  • 3/29/23 : shiny new extras page + tabletop updates page.
  • 3/28/23 : in a twist of fate the site is now true to its url?! also squirringed!
  • 3/27/23 : Joined DSA! also redesigned some characters.
  • 2/27/23 : D&D Campaign 1 of our long-running group finished, ending both Tides of War and End Days. Check out campaign updates.
  • 12/7/20 : The site was created on this day!